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We met each other 10 years ago while living in Montana and have been exploring the world together ever since. We are happiest when we're outside enjoying nature with our dogs Beano and Hammy, and can’t wait to add another member to our expedition team with whom to romp through forests, climb mountains, and canoe across lakes under the wide open sky. Our personalities complement each other perfectly, and we are each other's best friend in the world. There is nothing that we as a team can’t accomplish. 


ABOUT AMY (by Chris)

I was first attracted to the beauty and sincerity of Amy's smile, but it was her intelligence, altruism, and sense of humor that I fell in love with.  I see every day the positive and nurturing effects she has on the students with whom she works in her career as an educator and student advocate and with the children she assists as a volunteer for the juvenile court system.  The depth of her concern for those who come to her for help is a constant source of awe to me.  And, though she might deny this, she is also one of the most creative people I know. Whether it's her beautiful jewelry, handmade greeting cards, or her clever little flower gardens, there's no mistaking the special colorful touches inherent in her projects.  Amy is a truly selfless and giving soul who I am proud to call my wife and my best friend, and I can't imagine a better mother for our child. 



Life is always an adventure with my carefree husband Chris by my side. His spontaneity and creativity allow him to view the world in a fun and unique way.  He is a man of many skills from carpentry, cooking, and photography to sailing and snowboarding.  Generous with his talents and time, he is well known in our family, circle of friends, and by our neighbors for helping out with difficult projects around the house or by photographing special events and family milestones.  Most impressive is his caring and patient nature. which makes him a favorite with his patients and the nursing staff at the hospital. He will make an amazing father who will always remember to slow down, enjoy the moment, and to go off the beaten path whenever possible.  I can already picture him with Plaster of Paris up to his elbows or paint from head to toe as he creates exciting and messy projects with our child. 



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